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You Know You're a Horse Addict...

I'm not sure where these came from - I think I might have written parts of it years ago... - please let me know if you are the author of any part!

If you cringe at paying five bucks for lunch, but won't blink at twenty or thirty spent on a riding lesson.

If mucking stalls is more appealing to you than doing homework.

If you complain about aching after gym class, but will never voice your back pain from the ride the previous day.

If your room looks like a tornado hit, but you make sure your horse's stall is spotless.

If you give up heat in your house to afford your horse's blanket and heated waterer.

If every time you go to the mall, you search through every store for horse items... (if only those product designers knew the money they could make)

If every time you find a horse item, you buy it...

If you buy horse earrings, even though your ears aren't pierced.

If you buy a bumper sticker saying "I'd rather be riding", when you don't own a car.

If you buy that shirt with horses on it... because "They're so hard to find!"

If your room is covered with horse posters, pictures of you riding, horse calenders, and other assorted horse figurines and knick-knacks.

If you set up Windows with animated horse icons, horse backgrounds, and neighing/trotting sounds.

If every time you go to watch a movie, you ask, "Are there horses in it?"

If every time you go to BLOCKBUSTER, you head for the kid's/family section b/c it's most likely to have horse videos.

If more than half of the movies in your collection are focused around a horse/horses.

If you won't even consider a person of the opposite sex unless they share your love for horses.

If you own three or more t-shirts with various horse events, barns, or breeds on them.

If you turn down a vacation to Florida because you don't want to miss your riding lesson... (the only way you'll give it up is if you're promised a ride in Florida)

If you find proof that there ARE in fact horses in heaven.

If you will read an entire magazine about horse physiology, but hate biology.

If when at the grocery store, you determine to buy carrots and apples... for the horses at the barn.

If you refuse to shovel snow, but gladly shovel stalls.

If one of the first things in your profile is "I LOVE HORSES!" or something to that effect.

If every page of your webpage has a horse background... (or at least a gif)

If your biggest dream as a kid was owning a pony... or if you knew you couldn't have that, at least a stuffed horse or something comparable that you could ride.

If at any time in your life, you set up jumps in the backyard and walked the course.

If, instead of skipping, you "canter".

If you find yourself drumming horse gaits with your fingers.

If your Breyer horse collection is larger than your penny collection.

If you take it as a compliment when people relate your hair to a horse tail.

If you will volunteer hours of time at the local barn, but whine when your parent asks you to take out the garbage.

If you will memorize dozens of horses names and their matching saddle letters, but have trouble remembering ten vocab words.

If you will memorize a complete dressage test, but can't remember three important names for your history test.

If your doodles are always horses, and you are the best at drawing them in your art class.

If given the choice of going somewhere by car or horse you opt for the 10 hour horseback ride.

If you prefer one horsepower to 200.

If you are afraid of getting your license, but speeding along on the back of a 1,000lb animal is nothing.

If you braid your horse's hair perfectly but let yours run wild.

If you know how to tie a half-hitch knot but don't know the name of it. (is that what it's called?)

If you're laughing right now because you relate so much to these...

If you even read this far b/c it interests you to know you have so much in common with other horse lovers.